Our exceptional experience with foreign investors

Are you a foreign investor who aspires to develop business in Lithuania? Or have you already operated in Lithuania and planning either an expansion or building employees capability building? Thus, you need a reliable partner in terms of ensuring the funding for your projects.

We have more than a 10-year solid experience in cooperating with foreign investors. Since 2005 we have developed and administrated more than 70 projects with a total budget of € 191 M for over 50 foreign investors. The success rate of such projects speaks for itself - 96 percent of our developed grant proposals were funded. Detailed information about our projects can be found here >>>.

We have provided the assistance in developing projects for such high-tech foreign giants as Tonbo Imaging Pte Ltd, Sentiance Baltics, Convious, Virtustream LT and in this way we have encouraged their entrance to Lithuania. Moreover, we have contributed to the development of Telia, Barclays Technology Centre, SEB, Virtustream LT, Visma Lietuva, Western Union Processing Lithuania, Cowi Lietuva, Kitron, Hollister Lietuva, Revel Systems, Shift4 Payments Lithuania and other foreign investors' projects in employees‘ capability building or local expansion. Our clients feedback can be found here >>>.

Worth mentioning, that Advanced Advice team has prepared 6 R&D projects for foreign investors which have been funded under the measures “Smart FDI” and “SmartInvest LT +”, while 13 projects have been funded under these instruments in total. Also, we have prepared 14 applications under the measure "Trainings for Foreign Investors" with a total budget of € 9.21 million which have been funded. Moreover, we have prepared 10  applications with a total budget of € 3.6 million which have been funde under other traning measures. 

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