Industry digitization measure overview

Lithuanian industry's digitization and robotization has increased almost 50 % during the past two years. European Union funded measure "Industry digitization" was one of the factors that reasoned this growth. 

Industry digitization measure aims at encouraging small and medium sized industries to invest in technological audit which will show opportunities to digitize production processes. According to audit recommended digitization solution will be installed and determine the increase of labor productivity.

The invitation to apply for the funding under this measure was renewed on 10th March, 2020 and was finished by 8th July, 2020. Invitation budget was 35 M Eur. We are pleased to announce some results of the last invitation:

  • 154 total applications.
  • Total requested budget of 167,6 M Eur.
  • Total requested funding - 65,4 M Eur.
  • We have prepared 8 applications with the budget of 11,8 M Eur and requested funding of 4,3 M Eur.

The Implementing Institution will evaluate all these applications within following 3 months and let's hope that all of them will pass the threshold.



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