“Experiment” measure overview

In October 2019, 2 calls were published under the measure “Experiment“. The purpose of the measure is to encourage companies to invest in research and / or experimental development (referred to as R&D) for the development of innovative products, services or processes, as well as to encourage the development of companies by investing in R&D and innovation infrastructure.

It was planned to allocate 72,7 M Eur for both calls, but due to the high popularity of the measure, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation allocated an additional amount of 81 M Eur. 21 out of 99 funded projects belong to companies working on life sciences while the rest belong to businesses in other fields.

We are pleased to announce some of the results of the invitation:

  • Totally received 329 applications of both calls;
  • 227 applications passed the 30 point „benefit-quality“ threshold;
  • Total requested bugdet - 154,3 M Eur;
  • We have prepared 12 applications with the bugdet of 21 M Eur and requested funding of 12 M Eur;
  • Currently, we‘re administering 4 our clients’ „Experiment“ projects, and we‘re negotiating with potential clients regarding other 8 projects.

By the end of this year two calls should be renewed under measures “SMART FDI” and “Training for employees of foreign investors”.