About us

ADVANCED ADVICE is a strategic development consultancy company established in Lithuania at the end of 2005. We are one of the longest working and most experienced EU investment employment companies in Lithuania.

Believing in the power of words, we deliberately do not use the term "assimilation", which connects us with meaningless waste of EU funds and the "burning" of money on the bureaucracy's "scrap". We chose the concept of "employ investment" for describing our activity, which we perceive as a responsible, thought-out and effective action aimed at achieving the goals.

Our mission is to promote the progress of society by employing public investment for successful implementation of high impact projects.

We help our clients to plan significant investment projects, to attract EU funds for them and implement. Our clients are very various - from the largest international corporations to science-based Startup, from ministries and municipalities to the largest national business associations and trade unions. Our achievements speak for themselves - you can learn more about them here.